Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strophanthus gratus - Climbing Oleander

I had wanted to bypass this shrub because I have already taken several pictures of these flowers and felt that I should exercise some restraint before I run out of storage space. In fact, I did walk pass it but then having thrown just a glance in its direction while doing so, I just had to back trek. Yes, I have seen these flowers many times before - the same shrub with the same type of flowers in the same place. But no, I just could not resist stopping by to admire their uniqueness. Actually every flower is unique because like us humans, each one bears a different form, a different look and a different allure. Looking at them was like looking at someone familiar and at the same time it also felt like seeing someone I had never met before. I was glad I gave these flowers my undivided attention for the duration it took me to appreciate them through my camera lenses. What I have in return is a lasting memory of a pleasant encounter.

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