Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spider lilies

Today's date: 20 08 2008

These spider lilies are white in colour. Or are they?

These orchids could be described as having white petals with tinges of pink on them.
This painting was a still life of white crockery on a piece of white table or beige coloured table cloth. It was one of the early paintings I did under the guidance of my art teacher. I had thought that his choice of still life on that night was kind of boring. Afterall, white is just white and my painting, I imagined, would be really dull without any vibrant colours. At the end of the session, my painting did not resemble what was actually before me. In fact it turned out to be rather interesting. All because my teacher said that white is not what it seems. When you look at something white hard enough, you begin to realise that white takes on the colours of its surroundings. 有时候望着云朵会可能见到彩虹。

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