Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Morning Glory

Chinese was neither my first nor second language in school. In retrospect, it was one of the deepest regrets in my life that I had not learned Chinese in school. But one never stops learning anything and the best part about learning a language at this stage in my life is that I do it at my own time, my own pace and I pick and choose the subject matter and devise my own learning methods.

It may take me years before I am able to read and write Chinese proficiently. However with so many fantastic internet tools available, a whole new world has opened up for me through a language that should rightfully have been my mother tongue. It is never too late to learn and I am having the best learning experience of my life because there is no fixed curriculum, no exams, no pressure to excel and best of all I learn because I want to at my own pace and at my own time. I will be making mistakes here and there I am sure but these are part and parcel of learning to use a language.

“你看这边有一朵白色的喇叭花 ,” 一位妈妈对她孩子说。 还好我听到因为我也是没看过这类花。
“Look there is a white trumpet flower over here," a mother said to her son. It was good that I heard what she said because I, too,have not seen such a flower.
Usually, such flowers are purple in colour. I felt that I was lucky that day for being able to see such an unusual flower.


alicesg said...

Very beautiful blog you have. Enjoyed looking at the many flowers and learning some of their names which I always cannot find problem identifying them. Never too old to learn, I learn blogging only few years back from the internet, my sons do not have the time and patience to teach me...lol. I have link you.

Mable said...

Thank you Alice, I had a quick look at some of your posts in your blogs and enjoyed reading them - will return to look at them as we seem to have similar interests. Thanks for linking me too! You might want to check out my photos on my website http://flowersinsingapore.com