Saturday, December 27, 2008

Flowers in Australia - Acanthus (Bear's breeches)

These flowers remind me of the Bat Lily, a flower that I have photographed on many occasions in Singapore though the plant is not common as I have only encountered them in two or three parks. I have never seen flowers stacked so neatly and shaped like towers. I found pictures of this plant in one of my books 'The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials' by Professor Marshall Craigmyhle in there were four pictures of different species of the Acanthus plant - the Acanthus dioscoridis, Acanthus hungaricus, Acanthus mollis and Acanthus spinosus. I cannot be sure which species the flowers in the photos belong to as that would entail closer study of their flowers and especially the leaves. It is too time-consuming for me to undertake this task, perhaps at a later time. I have taken many photos of this flower in various locations and I can see at a glance that they belong to more than one specie.


alicesg said...

Lovely flowers. Yes, I saw your bat lily and learn from your post that is bat lily and I got a photo of it at botanic garden. Your flowers are all so beautiful, you need to share with the world. You might like to see this site.

BTW happy new year to you.

Mable said...

Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for your comment and the site you recommended - will take a look. Cheers!