Thursday, May 21, 2009

Etlingera elatoir - Torch Ginger

这朵鲜红花的吸引力其实是太强了. 我无发去抵抗.结果站在非常热的环境把花当者一位 漂亮的
模特儿. 通常别人会拍一张或两张照片.但是我和花的关系就比较特别.我也很难解释为什么我不能就拍一两张照片就觉得满足了.也许这是我的性格.想到要做就做到地.没兴趣就别开工.那天很幸运遇到那么迷人的花.可以说是迷我的花. 对我来说时间是很宝贵.但是假如我们闭者眼睛过日子我们可能会失去好多宝贵的体验和深沉的经验.

This huge torch ginger flower is far too attractive for me to resist. Usually people would stop by and take one or two photos and move on. Not me because I would stay to take numerous pictures before I am satisfied. I do not know why this is so, perhaps it is just my character to lose myself completely in whatever I do once I get started and time is forgotten for a while. I was very fortunate to have seen this beautiful flower on that extremely hot day. Time to me is precious but I feel that if we do not spend time to appreciate things around us, then we might just lose what is truly precious because of what we might have missed if we went around with our eyes closed half the time.

My writing in Chinese is sheer labour fueled by the motivation to learn in a meaningful way. Even though I make many grammatical errors, I do benefit from the exercise of finding the right words using my electronic dictionary.It is a pity I do not have a tutor anymore for she would have helped me to construct sentences that are correct in structure before I post them. My apologies for the flaws in the way I write in Chinese.

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