Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thunbergia grandiflora - Clock Vine

These flowers can be spotted in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and West Coast Park. The plants are climbers and the flowers hang down the trellis in clusters often attracting huge, black bees. It must be a lot of work to maintain these plants that I am sure require constant trimming. I am just happy to see them in public parks because I do not have the energy to take care of plants such as these though it would be nice to be seeing flowers all the time in your own garden.

Thunbergia grandiflora 'Alba'


alicesg said...

They are so pretty. I think I want to be a gardener after looking at all the beautiful flowers in your I had learn flower arrangement many many years ago but dont arrange it often cause flowers are so expensive.

Thanks for the visit to my blog. Geez, we have so much in common. I wondered if it was the trend during our mother's time to collect these teasets. I hope I get to view your teaset. :)

Mable said...

Thanks Alice, sometimes I wish that I knew how to do flower arrangements because it would be great to just buy flowers from the market and do an arrangement for a friend's birthday or anniversary.
I have a few tea sets that were presents. I don't collect them. Yes, one day I will photograph the tea set from my mum and put it on one of my blogs for you!

alicesg said...

TY Mable.

I have new photos of my sister's teaset. :)