Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aristolochia grandiflora - Pelican flower

Whenever I am at the Hortpark, I make it a point to visit this wall that is covered with different types of vines. I have photographed this huge, exotic-looking flower as well as the passion flowers and the flowers of the Rangoon creeper many times. Each time, the experience is different. On that day, a family with young children came by. I heard the mother telling her daughters that these were pitcher plants. She tried persuading her younger daughter whom she was carrying to put her hand into the huge flower. The poor dear screamed in fright and said, "Don't put me into the flower!" and burst into tears. So much for getting in touch with nature. Actually, parents don't realise that these things can really be scary in the eyes of a young child. Maybe there should be a guide for parents on how they could interest their kids in the plants and flowers in the park. It would be helpful if a kind of information sheet written in simple English with attractive illustrations could be put together for kids as well as for their parents so that kids are not misinformed.

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