Saturday, August 15, 2009

HortPark flowers, forever delightful

From today till next Tuesday, there is a Garden Tech festival happening at the Hortpark that will attract hordes of people no doubt. We are a nation of shoppers, that is an indisputable fact. There are exceptions like me who has done enough shopping in her life and now what attracts her are flowers instead.


alicesg said...

So nice to see so many flowers in your blog. I have yet to go Hortpark. J and I have make arrangement to go one day (not sure when is that one Problem with our hubbies, they hate shopping and flowers...sigh.

Mable said...

So nice to have you come and admire them! Aiyah they only need a little persuasion. If they still don't want to go, we just bring their wallets heheheh!

alicesg said...

Hahaha, yup, we dont leave home without our hubbies's credit J and me had a great time at ION yesterday and just like most Singaporean, we tried the Peking Duck. :)