Saturday, August 22, 2009

Autograph Series - Clerondendrum bungei

A primary school classmate, Wai Leen, who later came to live in my neighbourhood when we were in Secondary school wrote this in my autograph book:

"Drink hot coffee
Drink hot tea
Burn your red lips
and remember me"

Like flowers, memories do fade with the passing of time. This cluster of Glory Bower (origins: China and India) hold flowers that are dying amongst buds that have yet to begin flowering.
I remember that Waileen was tall for her age and like her, I sat in the last row of the class. That was when we struck up a brief friendship in the last year of primary school.
We visited each other when she moved into the same neighbourhood and then I moved out.

I would have forgotten about this friendship had it not been for these few lines she left in my autograph book. Since then I have not seen her.

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