Saturday, August 22, 2009

Autograph Series - Bixa Orellana

This autograph came from a girl I can only vaguely remember by the name of Ee Fong:

"The calm waves of the sea
The beautiful clouds of the sky
The person that you always see
Will never say goodbye"

I am not sure if she made it up or it was one of those standard autograph verses that circulated from one class to the next and was faithfully copied without a thought given to the meaning. Looking at the neat handwriting of this person, I guess she must have done all right in life. For her, I post the flowers and fruits of the Lipstick Tree.

I found this lipstick tree with a few blooms still hanging on for life in a garden on Pulau Ubin. The Lipstick tree has medicinal, cosmetic and culinary uses. Imagine growing one in the garden, I can could save quite a bit of money on lipsticks.

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