Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Autograph Series

I found an autograph book from my primary school days. It made me laugh to read those very 'lame' entries from my classmates. Autograph books were in fashion then as almost everyone had one and before we went our separate ways in secondary school these books were passed around the class for parting words to be recorded.

Reading the autographs I collected, I wonder what has become of my friends then such as this girl called Laura who wrote:

"Hope our friendship last and never die." From a girl whom you always know, Laura (James Bond alias Sean Connery)
This plant (Jatropha podarica) reminds me of her because she was a smart kid, had good grades, very well liked by teachers, spoke very good English as her family was English speaking. They raised chickens in the backyard of their house which was some kind of a government quarter and once in a while she would be carrying a bag of eggs for the teacher who bought them from her.

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