Saturday, August 08, 2009

Flowers in Pulau Ubin

A boat ride to Pulau Ubin now costs $2.50 one-way. We have been there enough times to be able to enjoy the rustic nature of the place at our own pace. There was no need to hire a bike nor was there a compulsion to see most of the sightseeing spots. We have time and we can always return to this little island for a few hours of enjoyment of nature at different times of the year. The flowers have no exotic names and they belong to ordinary species but they are of better varieties. The hibiscus flowers came in different colours and forms, the yellow Allamanda flowers were bigger than those in the parks on the mainland and I saw a type of morning glory that I have never seen before. Why do we need to hire a bike and ride around the whole island as if we are going to a foreign land and live like we will only do one thing exactly once in our lives?

Oleander flowers and white hibiscus flowers.

Passiflora laurifolia (Passion fruit)

Jatropha podagrica, Gout Stick

Look so surreal these flowers in someone's garden.

I have this hibiscus in my garden but not the Torch Ginger.

Bixa orellano (Lipstick tree)

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