Sunday, August 23, 2009

To conclude this series of posts based on the entries in my primary school autograph book I am taking the one written on the last page of the book:

"By look of a crook
I'll be last in this Book."

Your classmate, Robina.

For this post, I have selected photos of pairs of flowers. They say that all good things come in pairs.

Crepe Ginger Blue Pea

Robina and I were a pair. She was my best friend not in the sense that we shared parts of our lives and thoughts with each other. It was more that we spent a lot of time together because I was her partner in a project where we drew stickmen and made up 4-line poems about them. We shared an exercise book where we put in our poems almost everyday. I do not know what has become of her and wonder what happened to that book of our poems. My ability to rattle of lines that rhyme must have been the result of all that practice.

Allamanda Hibiscus


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