Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hydrangea in my garden

This Hydrangea plant was given to me by my artist friend, Lindsy one or two years ago. It was only a small plant and it stayed and grew in my backyard, sprouting healthy leaves and growing taller and multiplying in contentment. I did not see any flowers all those months I was watching it and the only thing I ever did was to water it occasionally, pluck off the yellow leaves and trim it to prevent it from growing out of control in the flower bed. Then over the weekend I noticed the flowers! So here's to you Lindsy for your gift and I am now able to share it with others and make their day a lovely one too.


alicesg said...

The flowers are so beautiful. Love the light purplish colour of them, very sweet looking.

Mableinsingapore said...

Yes Alice, from here onwards, all purple flowers will be posted with you in mind :-) Actually I always think of Alice whenever I upload pictures of purple or purplish-pink flowers. So there, for you Alice - all the purple flowers on this blog.