Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

You will not know how a mother feels
unless you have brought up a kid
from cuddling stage to nagging stage
to a stage when you sometimes want
to jump ship and say be done with love
I just want to swim ashore and be myself
Sometimes a mother does feel like that
A present, a dinner or an outing for a mother
is nothing but a commercial message
or a chance to make one less guilty for not
thinking of mum except on her birthday and Mother's Day.

A mother should be thought of and loved everyday of the year
Make my day without a date to remind you my dear children
that a mother deserves attention in more days than just one
Shower her with your love and concern all the time.

Give a mother a Happy Mother's Day, not just for today
but for as many days as is possible in her life.

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