Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barringtonia racemosa

When I saw this tree dangling with clusters of delicate flowers and young fruits I counted this chance discovery as a blessing because it was the first time that I was a witness to a single tree in full bloom. I forgot about the heat of the sun's rays on my face and back. I just wanted to capture these moments before the flowers drop to the ground as time passed by. A few big, black bees flitted from flower to flower and as I circled the tree to admire these lovely pink flowers through my camera lens and to freeze their beauty for eternity I also noticed that more and more of these flowers were falling to the ground. When I had taken enough photos to document the life of this tree for that particular hour, the base of the tree was carpeted with these flowers. An hour made so much difference to me, to the tree because time is cruel and beauty does not last forever in real life.


Marina said...

Beautiful photos!

Mableinsingapore said...

Thank you!