Monday, July 26, 2010

Hortpark Pelican flower

The pattern on this flower looks as though it was painted by hand. Today on the side wall of one of the glass houses of the Hortpark, I found only one flower whereas in the past I have seen two to three flowers in bloom at the same time. Actually the presence of this lone flower made me more attentive to the unique characteristics of this flower - the shape, the texture, the pattern as well as the shape of the leaves. The only thing I did not notice about this flower was its smell or fragrance. I was too engrossed in making sure that there were a few flies around the cavenous mouth of the flower for my photo-taking and also I was in a hurry to carry on with my walk to want to spend more time and to smell this flower. Maybe unconsciously I really did not want to know. Anything with flies hovering around is not likely to smell of bath soap.

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